100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service

In the world of competition and rapid growth, obtaining success is possible from the implementation of some proven mantras. Press release distribution is one of those mantras. It is a way of promotion that can attract the attention of a large audience and thereby increase the number of leads to converted customers. These customers have been motivated to invest in your company’s products owing to the press releases. If implemented correctly, press release distribution is one of the most effective ways of increasing the scope and profits of your business

Press release distribution for your art

Even in the businesses of photography, images, art, and art studios, taking the help of a company that is well versed with the nuances of how to distribute press releases to create profits is a must. Imagala is one such brand that has been created by the best press release distribution service provider in the industry, Linking News, specifically to cater to the niche of artists, photographers, and owners of art studios. If you want your art studios or photographs to become famous and create business for you, press release distribution services from the highly accomplished Linking News is the best choice that you can make.

The requirement of privacy
when distributing press releases

When it comes to PR and marketing, privacy is an entity that is very dearly valued. It is for specific reasons that privacy is so important in this aspect of any business, and the same applies to the business of artists, photographers, and art studio owners. The reasons that make privacy so important have been enumerated below:

  • Privacy is important because you wouldn’t want your competitors to come to know the strategies and techniques that you implement to bring success to your own company.
  • If your competitors come to know about the tactics that you deploy, they might take advantage of the knowledge and implement the same in their business creating profits in a business, where you could have been the sole profiteer.
  • Privacy in the department of press releases provides your art or photography product or service more credibility, because there is no direct connection with you or your press release distribution partner and the press releases that get distributed. This eliminates the chance of assuming that you are yourself making an attempt to promote your company, making the press releases feel more important and credible.

White label service that is
unique and effective

We at Imagala, a brand of Linking News, are proud to announce that we have provided a solution to the problem of privacy with the help of our White Label Press Release Distribution Service. Some of the features of the White Label Press Release Distribution Service are as follows:

  • You can avail the Unbranded Press Release Services which guarantee that the brand name of Linking News or Imagala is not mentioned anywhere on the body of the press releases that get distributed by us. Neither do we publish these press releases on our own official website nor on Linking News’ s official website.
  • This aspect allows us to keep discreet any connection between you and our unique and effective press release services.
  • This aspect allows us to keep discreet any connection between you and our unique and effective press release services.