Boost Your Traffic

In a world where online presence is one of the most important aspects of success, traffic is a term that is well recognized and is also quite important when it comes to the position that a company enjoys in the global market. If a company is successful, it means that the website of that company has a lot of traffic. Traffic, in other words, means the total number of people that are visiting a particular website. Press releases have a way of boosting the traffic of the client’s website with the implementation of certain tactics. These tactics may include backlinks or proper placement of the press releases for maximum exposure

Linking News understands the importance of traffic like the back of its hand

For an art website, traffic is one of the most important aspects of the business. Without enough traffic, the artist or his/her art would become obscure and not be recognized by anybody. When it comes to art, photography, and design, popularity is a factor that needs to be addressed, and this can be only ensured if there is enough traffic on the website of the said artist.

Increase the popularity of the website

Convert potential buyers into loyal customers

Build the credibility of the website

Rank your website higher on Google

We at Imagala, a brand of Linking News, understand this importance of traffic and help your art website attain the highest amount of popularity and success with the help of our innovative tactics.

Backlinks that help people migrate easily to the website that you have

Backlinks are nothing more than links that are provided on the press releases that get featured on various media outlets. These links are provided along with the press release and help the visitor migrate to the official website of the client if he/she wishes to do so. Most of the time, the visitor will do so if the press release contents are interesting enough. We at Imagala, understand this important aspect of backlinks and hence guarantee that they would be provided to help increase the traffic generation of your art website.

Get backlinks featured on the top media outlets in the industry, only with the help of Linking New

Another important feature that makes backlinks successful is the media outlets that they get featured in. The credibility of a company is increased tenfold if the backlink of that company gets featured on a media outlet which is very accomplished in the field. Since such media outlets do not post just anything, getting featured on such a platform increases the authenticity of a company and attracts more people to visit the official website of that company. Moreover, top media outlets have a large number of visitors on a daily basis, which increases the number of potential customers. We at Imagala, a brand of Linking News, understand this important aspect and with the help of the huge network of Linking News, promise to get your art and design related press releases featured on some of the top media outlets in the industry. Some of these top media outlets include names like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more.