Press Release Distribution for Art Business

If you are looking for a way to increase the art business that you have and promote it to new heights, press release distribution is a great way of spreading the word. Press releases are read on a wide scale and having your company or art being featured and talked about in a press release provides you with the scope to attract customers and raise the levels of credibility and reliability for the artwork or art related service that you are providing.

Enlist the help of Imagala to boost your business

Imagala is primarily dedicated to providing the best press release distribution services to its clients. Our company is part of the press release distribution giant, Linking News, which provides us with all the requisite tools and channels required to distribute your press releases effectively. Being in the industry for quite some time, Linking News has created a credible and effective network that provides the best quality of exposure for your art-related press releases.

If you are looking for a press release distribution service provider that can reach a vast audience, then Imagala, a brand of Linking News, is your best choice. We at Imagala understand the importance of press release distribution, and hence we have taken advantage of all the tools and capabilities of our parent company Linking News to provide you with the best possible results.

Boosting your business can only be done if you have a lot of customers. Getting a lot of customers is impossible without having widespread popularity. The huge network of Linking News with as many as 10,000+ media outlets, 1,000+ social media networks, and 30,000+ journalists, means that press release distribution from Imagala, a brand of Linking News, guarantees widespread recognition and exposure.

The network of Linking News is also spread on a global level, making us at Imagala, a brand of Linking News, the perfect choice for getting your art studio/service the global popularity that it deserves.

Get featured on the top media sites and boost the reputation of your art/art studio or service

Getting featured on a reputed media site gives your business the necessary boost that it requires to become successful in its field. Even in the field of art and design, being featured in the top media sites provides your artwork with the respect and credibility that it deserves. Linking News has ties to some of the topmost outlets in the field of media and can arrange for your art-related press releases to get featured on these platforms, thereby boosting your business and elevating your name.

  • Big names in the industry of press release distribution and media are part of the Linking News network.
  • Some of these huge names include the likes of MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and Reuters.

Linking News guarantees that your press releases on art will get featured in huge media outlets like these, helping you grow your business.