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Get global prominence as an artist/photographer/art studio owner
with the help of Linking News brand, Imagala

When it comes to PR and marketing, the more exposure, the greater are the chances of success for the company experiencing the exposure. The same goes for an art, photography company, or an art studio. Having wide exposure will attract customers which will ultimately lead to an increase in the profits or the popularity of the company. Having a widespread following increases the circulation about that company via word of mouth, making the company seem more credible. The best way to ensure such exposure is to secure the services of a press release distribution company that has a wide audience, ideally on a global platform.

Linking News creating history and widespread followers on a global scale

Press release distribution is one of the most comprehensive ways to get your company’s name recognized by a large number of people and convert them into customers. Press releases are read by a lot of people and they tend to provide a sense of credibility regarding the company to the person who is reading it. Linking News is one company that has been in the business of press release distribution for a long period of time and has the experience to provide an effective press release distribution service. Moreover, Linking News is available on a global scale and with our brand Imagala, it has made it possible for artists, photographers, and art studio owners to take advantage of this lucrative service that Linking News provides.

Staggering points that make Linking News the best choice for distributing your press releases to a global audience

Some points which explain why it is prudent to take the help of Linking News in spreading the news about your business all across the world include:

  • We at Imagala, a brand of Linking News, have a vast network that is spread all across the world, with as many as 30,000+ journalists, 1,000+ social media networks, and 10,000+ media outlets being part of it.
  • Imagala is the perfect choice if you want your art or art studio to gain the global recognition that you desire. Press release distribution through the global network of Linking News makes this dream of yours come true. With representatives all over the world, especially in the Asian region, specifically China, we at Imagala make sure that, with the help of our parent brand Linking News, we are able to provide you with a global distribution of your art press releases.
  • Big industry names like MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, and FOX are part of the esteemed network of Linking News, and Imagala being a brand of that company is able to take advantage of these affiliations and get the press releases regarding your art or art studio featured on their prestigious channels and news websites.

Linking News is highly experienced in the business.

Linking News has a very effective and large global network.

Imagala is a brand of Linking News, making the services of the best press release distribution service provider available to artists, photographers, and art studio owners.

Linking News has connections with some of the best media outlets on the global platform and that allows us to provide the most effective press release distribution services to our clients.

Robust connections in the Asian region make Linking News the perfect choice for distributing art press releases in this region

Linking News is a company that has made robust connections with many media outlets in the Asian region and is particularly famous in these parts. We at Imagala, a brand of Linking News, are therefore capable of taking advantage of this strong network and connection and distribute press releases on art and design in the Asian regions and provide a global audience to our clients. Some of the reasons that show Linking News’ s strong connections in the Asian regions are as follows:

  • Linking News has major popularity in the Asian region, especially China.
  • China is one of the leading clients of the company.
  • Linking News has connections with 2000+ Chinese media outlets, making them the perfect choice for distributing press releases through the Chinese market.