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Trump tells Pelosi he will give State of the Union during government shutdown


A Pelosi spokesman did not immediately respond to’s request to comment.

In a letter to Trump dated Jan. 16, Pelosi requested that the president move the date or location of his address. She cited “security concerns” related to the Secret Service’s ability to protect the president during the lapse in funding. The longest shutdown ever is now in its 33rd day.

In his response Wednesday, Trump said the Department of Homeland Security and Secret Service contacted him and said “there would be absolutely no problem regarding security with respect to the event.”

A day after Pelosi’s letter, Trump grounded the speaker’s planned government flight to visit U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Pelosi’s office then said she would not use commercial travel for the trip and accused the Trump administration of leaking details of the trip that could endanger the Democrat’s delegation or the troops she was visiting.

The White House denied leaking Pelosi’s plans.

The partial government shutdown, caused by an impasse over Trump’s demand for $5.7 billion to build his proposed border wall, is the longest U.S. funding lapse ever. On Friday, about 800,000 federal workers will start missing their second paychecks since the closure began Dec. 22.

As the shutdown continues, it is affecting government services from food inspection to airport security and housing and food assistance programs. The closure is also expected to take a chunk out of U.S. economic growth.

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