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Tougher gun laws to take effect in 2019 in CA, several other states


In Oregon, the state’s so-called intimate partner loophole or boyfriend loophole bill — House Bill 4145 — goes into effect Jan. 1 and bans the ownership or purchase of guns by domestic abuse offenders or people under restraining orders. At least 29 other states have similar laws that put curbs on the ownership or purchase of guns for convicted domestic abusers or stalkers.

The Oregon law was signed by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown less than a month after the Feb. 14 shooting in Florida. The bill was proposed at the request of the governor.

Meantime, in Washington state voters passed ballot Initiative 1639 in November, which sets into motion several new gun regulations, including raising the legal age to buy semi-automatic assault rifles from 18 years old to 21. It also requires the purchaser to provide proof they completed firearms safety training.

In addition, at least a dozen other states already restrict ownership or possession of long guns to individuals under age 21. Federal law already prohibits the sale or transfer of pistols by a federal firearms licensee to people under age 21; the law doesn’t apply to shotguns or rifles.

Also, other changes under the voter-approved initiative include enhanced background checks, waiting periods and increases secure gun storage for all guns to prevent them from getting in the hands of children. Washington’s law raising the age to buy a semi-automatic assault rifle takes effect Jan. 1, 2019, while the other new rules in Initiative 1639 take effect July 1, 2019.

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