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Tips for building a global business from billion-dollar start-up Klook


“I still remember there were a number of investors who, once they found out we were from a finance background, lost interest,” he said. “They thought people from finance were all about putting up a good pitch-book, being a very good salesperson, but in fact they may not be very well-versed in running a business. So we had a lot of doors closed for us.”

It’s therefore important to ensure you strike the right tone by first building rapport with prospective investors, proving your credibility and showing what’s in it for them.

Since launching four years ago, Klook has gone on to secure $300 million in funding from the likes of Sequoia China, Matrix Partners, and Goldman Sachs.

“Some people now talk to us and say that Klook has been able to raise a lot of successful fundraising rounds because we came from finance,” said Gnock Fah. “Actually, a lot of people don’t know that that was actually a hindrance.”

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