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This New Year could be the time to make a career move


First thing’s first: When thinking about applying for a new job, evaluate your current situation and figure out why you’re looking for a change. That could be because of the company culture, the work itself, your compensation or something else entirely.

“Make sure you know why you’re making the move and it’s not just about making a New Year’s resolution,” noted Kareem Bakr, head of the New York arm of U.S. recruitment firm Selby Jennings.

Then it’s useful to look back over your career history and identify the aspects of work that are most important to you, said Amanda Augustine, career advice expert at jobs site TopResume. That will help you focus on finding the right new position, rather than leaving your current employer, she continued.

“When deciding if a job is right for you, ask yourself: ‘Am I truly interested in this position and how it fits into my long-term career plans, or am I just trying to get out of a job I hate?'” said Augustine.

“Searching for work is time-consuming and nerve-wracking; the last thing you want to do is rush your job search and take the first job that comes along, only to find yourself equally miserable in six months and looking for a new job all over again.”

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