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Slim pickings as sectors enter bear markets


The Children’s Place Inc.: “Children’s Place is in a bear market. There’s a big retail bear market going on. That quarter wasn’t that bad. This stock is now down 67 straight points. But I’ve got to tell you, it’s probably not done going down. But they are a good company, so if you want to start buying some, you’re certainly not buying it at the top.”

Healthequity Inc.: “We had Centene on. Centene delivered great numbers, and that’s going down. You’ve got to be careful out there with that kind of stock.”

Synchrony Financial: “Not done going down, doesn’t yield enough to be able to protect it and it’s a credit card business that I don’t care to own. I say ix-nay, Synchrony-ay.”

Yeti Holdings Inc.: “We think Yeti is an inexpensive, great brand-name stock. If it weren’t in a bear market, this stock would be scorching higher.”

Delta Air Lines Inc.: “Look, I’ve got to tell you, the airlines have just gone into major bear market mode. And in major bear market mode, the one I want to own is [Southwest Airlines], but Delta’s fine. Understand: they are not going higher right now, though.”

Bank of America Corp.: “No, [now’s not the time to double your position]. At $20, you’ll buy more. At $20, you’ll buy more Bank of America. The banks are in a bear market and we’re going to use very wide scales to buy it. Next stop: $20. That’s where you pick it.”

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