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Schumer, Pelosi criticize Trump claim that Mexico will pay for border wall


Trump has already signed spending measures for five government agencies, including the massive departments of Defense and Health and Human Services. Funding for seven other departments expires after Dec. 21. Disagreements over the Department of Homeland Security and Trump’s border wall have tripped up negotiations.

The Democratic leaders have offered Trump two potential solutions. They proposed passing appropriations bills for six agencies along with a yearlong measure to keep DHS funding at current levels. They also floated a yearlong continuing resolution to keep all of the unfunded agencies running.

On Thursday, Schumer said Trump has “not accepted either offer.” He called both possible solutions “noncontroversial.”

In their heates meeting with Trump on Tuesday, Schumer and Pelosi called the wall inhumane and ineffective. At the start of their huddle, Pelosi appeared to anger the president by talking about a “Trump shutdown.”

After a long, tense back and forth, Trump said he will “take the mantle” and “be the one to shut [the government] down” for border security.

Congress still needs to approve the new North American free trade agreement for it to take effect. Many Democrats including Pelosi have showed skepticism about the new accord. The likely next House speaker has said she wants to see better enforcement for environmental and labor protections before she supports the deal.

Pelosi noted Thursday that Trump “doesn’t even have the trade agreement” in place.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request to give more details on Trump’s Thursday morning tweet, including how much wall money he expects the trade deal to generate.

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