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Poland prime minister accuses the EU of discrimination


Poland and the EU have been at odds in recent years following a number of policies that Warsaw implemented, which Brussels viewed as a risk to its democracy. These included changes to the country’s judiciary system.

Critics saw the changes as the government taking de facto control of much of the judiciary, accusing it of sliding toward authoritarianism. The government says the changes are to improve the efficiency of the courts after years of Communist rule.

“The conflict is now being politicized by some people in Brussels even more, because some people want to make Poland a scapegoat for their imagination, vision of how the relationship of the central institutions and member states should look like,” Morawiecki said.

He added that his government has “introduced dozens of changes” but “all after consultations” with the European Commission.

“I was always advocating for a dialogue and I was leading this dialogue with our counterparts and I can only regret that my hand which I have actually offered to my partners in Brussels has not been accepted. And even the opposite was the case. Because we have done so much to actually agree on a solution and we have actually, the recent changes we introduced in the Supreme Court we have reverted them just to show our partners in Brussels that we are ready for a wide and deep compromise, and this has been rejected,” he added.

The ruling right-wing government decided last month to reverse a decision that originally forced 27 out of 72 Supreme Court justices to retire early.

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