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Peter Thiel’s advice to OYO Rooms CEO Ritesh Agarwal


Fifty-one-year-old Thiel, meanwhile, has faced a checkered reception as a tech visionary and superstar investor, but also a backer of U.S. President Donald Trump.

In the years since receiving Thiel’s advice, Agarwal has carved his own path as an entrepreneur and a leader, establishing a team of more than 10,000 employees and partners who are dubbed “OYOpreneurs” and encouraged to take ownership of their own projects.

But echoes of Thiel’s guidance are in Agarwal’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

“My advice to others in a similar situation would be to trust one’s instincts, be open to learning and growing, and most importantly surround oneself with people who bring more to the table either in terms of ideas or insights,” said Agarwal.

He added that that advice is especially applicable to fellow Indians who, now more than ever before, are thirsty to become entrepreneurs and are benefiting from programs like the one that helped him.

“I feel (that) the hunger and aspiration growing among young Indians will lead to a completely new and successful ecosystem,” said Agarwal.

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