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How Finland is trying to compete with China and the U.S.


In January, Nokia will become one of the first countries to enable the launch of commercial 5G networks. Telia, a Swedish telecom, is one of three operators that has won a license to offer commercial 5G. The licenses were granted in a spectrum auction through the Finnish government in October.

“To us, 5G is a whole platform for utilizing, analyzing and using data more effectively compared to what we’ve done in the past,” Janne Koistinen, director of Telia’s 5G program in Finland, told

Telia recently built Finland’s largest open data center in Helsinki to accommodate an influx of data that will accompany the rollout of 5G. For example, when data is sent between one mobile phone to another, it passes through the cloud, which is comprised of servers in data centers around the world. By building data centers closer to mobile users, users will be able to take advantage of the low latency of 5G, receiving data faster than ever.

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