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EU’s Tusk suggests the UK should cancel Brexit after historic defeat


Meanwhile in Brussels, officials await for more detail from the U.K. leader.

“I take note with regret of the outcome of the vote in the House of Commons this evening. I urge the U.K. to clarify its intentions as soon as possible. Time is almost up,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Twitter Tuesday night.

The European Union has made it clear that it is not willing to reopen the negotiations on the exit agreement. An EU official told on Tuesday that “at this stage, there is not more we can do.”

Leaders from the other 27 EU nations have held meetings to discuss Brexit, mostly since last summer. The most recent summit, in December, ended with clear conclusions that the so-called Irish backstop — the biggest impediment to U.K. lawmakers approving the deal — is only an insurance policy, that it is not meant to be used and if it were, it would only apply temporarily.

The same reassurances were made on Monday in a letter that Juncker and Tusk sent to May. In the three-page letter, both presidents went a step further and confirmed that these commitments on the Irish backstop have legal value.

A spokesman to European Council President told that the agreement “is and remains the best and only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.”

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