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5 hot industries to bet on if you want to keep your job


Cannabis is a burgeoning industry, as there are now more than 30 countries that have legalized medicinal marijuana. Some, including Canada, Mexico and Uruguay, have legalized it recreationally. The industry is expected to grow incredibly quickly, with various estimates indicating it will increase by tens of billions of dollars in the coming decades.

Though it is not legal at the federal level in the United States, recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states, with medicinal cannabis being legal in another 33. Should the United States legalize federally, the industry is anticipated to create well over a million jobs locally. Because it is such a new industry with tremendous capital flowing into it, companies are making large infrastructure and technological investments as part of their rapid growth.

Automation is an inherent part of this growth, but this means any jobs created will work in tandem with automation and be at a low risk of replacement. There are many points of entry into the industry, and people with backgrounds in retail, finance, operations, agriculture, medicine, biochemistry and law, among many others, are all well suited to join. Developing a skill set in the legal cannabis industry early may let you take your career global, as expertise will be in high demand.

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